At some point, every rider will encounter a frightening situation with their horse. There are horse-related accidents, injuries and negative experiences that can damage the confidence of even experienced horsemen and horsewomen. When this happens, it can be challenging to enjoy your passion for horses and your love of riding. Working with such individuals at demonstrations across the country, and as part of his Problem Horse series, Chris recognized the desire in these riders to restore their confidence and regain healthy relationships with their horses. Touched by this need, Chris has personally designed a one-of-a-kind course for those who have suffered bad experiences...

Replacing Fear....With Knowledge

Clinic Information

“I’ve spent a lot of time over the years helping people establish and rebuild their confidence,” Chris says. “I found there’s a huge demand for a clinic like this, and I’m glad I can provide it. One important aspect of the clinic is that we will match riders with the right horse — one that will help build their confidence, if they don’t come with the right horse.”

During his six-day Building Confidence Horsemanship Clinic, you’ll learn to confront and overcome your anxiety and other issues that have negatively affected your riding. Chris guides you step-by-step using his system of proven techniques with plenty of personal attention. He will show you how to increase your confidence and desire so that you can get back in the saddle without fear.

Chris helps each participant progress mentally, emotionally and physically in building the confidence that is necessary to be a successful horseman or woman. Safety is always the main focus. Learn how conquering your fear and replacing it with knowledge can literally change your life.