Come join Chris for a week-long, learning event of a lifetime. The Diamond Double C Ranch becomes your home for 6 days as Chris leads you to a higher level of understanding and communication with your horse. What you will learn during your stay will permanently and positively change the way you connect with your horse. You will not only benefit from the group lessons, but will receive personal instruction from Chris. Understand how the horse thinks and why. Communicate effectively in ways the horse understands and respects. Master the ground work that is essential for every horse’s foundation training. Develop confidence in yourself as a rider. Master collection, lead changes, stops, turn-a rounds and much more.Each of Chris's 6 day horsemanship clinics build on the skills and techniques learned in the previous clinic, making it imperative and essential, to attend them in order. The number of participants in each clinic is limited to ensure an ideal learning experience for each person. Participants must check in on Sunday between 2 pm - 6 pm. All clinics start the week off on Monday morning at 8 am with a hearty ranch breakfast, orientation and introduction.

Whether you bring your own horse or lease one of the Diamond Double C Ranch horses, you will return home with a newly enriched concept of how to communicate with your horse and establish a relationship of respect and understanding.

To qualify for Horsemanship I, you must be able to walk, trot, and canter on a loose rein, if you are unable to meet this requirement Building Rider Confidence is designed to meet those individual's needs.To sign up, submit a APPLICATION Progressive Learning: There are 5 Horsemanship Clinics offered. The program is designed to start at the beginning and build a foundation and a one of a kind relationship with your horse. Chris has designed each clinic to be progressive to continue to build on your knowledge, communication, effectiveness, feel and timing. The program is designed so you can accelerate your horsemanship as far as YOU want to take it. Since the clinics are progressive, it is crucial that you start at the beginning of the program Horsemanship I to ensure a solid foundation. Chris has designed a Building Riders Confidence Clinic for riders lacking confidence or that have experienced a traumatic horse accident or experience.


MARCH 13-18, 2023



APRIL 3-8, 2023



APRIL 17-22, 2023



OCTOBER 23-28, 2023



NOVEMBER 6-11, 2023